The Ugly Duckling…

This is a story of a boy and his truck. This boy since he was old enough to talk, spoke of his love of cars and trucks. He had his favorite Matchbox cars and trucks as a toddler. As he grew older, he could name the make and year of a car just barely in sight and tell you facts about that car that the average person wouldn’t know. He would watch “Overhaulin” with Chip Foose every chance he’d get and he would talk about how that would be the coolest job in the world, how he wished one day he would have an old truck that Mr. Foose would come and make new again.  He would constantly ask his Mom who knew NOTHING about cars, very specific questions like, “Does it cost more for 2 small tailpipes or for a really big one?” His mother having no idea and not the ease of Google back then, she would say, “You need to find it out yourself.” This boy would always find the answer…somehow?!

This same boy when he turned 15 and started to drive, was a much better driver than his Mom could have hoped. He listened to her instructions, he did everything by the book, which made his Mother very proud 🙂 He talked about wanting an old truck and every one he would pass on the road, he would say if it would be the perfect one for him. He searched them out on Craigslist and if they drove past one, he would make her turn around just to drive past it…r.e.a.l.l.y…slow!

When he turned 16, he was blessed with a job on a surveying crew and his first job was more than his Mom could have asked, because she knew his boss & he was a truly kind man. He worked 40 hour weeks in the hot sun on his Summer vacation to save up for his dream truck. He finally saved up enough to buy a truck, he searched out one online and they were off to get a truck. They drove an hour to get there and when they pulled up to the truck…his Mother’s eyes were as big as salad plates! This truck, that they drove an hour for, looked nothing like what the photo showed. The man walked out, introduced himself and they started thier way around the truck. It was in rough shape and that was even being kind. He came down $450 from his original price, making it a $750 truck. The boy drove the truck and when he stepped out of the truck, what his mother saw was truly shocking. That boy was grinning ear to ear, like he was…in love! How could this be? It is so rusted, the door could fall off any minute and the paint job…it’s been spray painted black…which is now more of a grey! The boy wanted the truck…so he bought the truck.

The truck worked one day…it was in the shop a week…it worked one day…it was in the shop another week. The boy’s mother was hating herself for letting him buy that truck! That truck…the one with all the problems…the one that nobody would want! The man selling the truck told a story of it being his grandparents truck, they bought it in 1977, they drove it around their family farm for 33 years and somehow only put 54,000 miles on it! He didn’t want to part with the truck, it was the only thing he had left to remember them by, but times were tough for him now. He could have scrapped it and made more money, but he wanted to sell it to someone who would keep it, love it and maybe one day restore it.

To the average person,  if they saw this truck, they wouldn’t buy it and if they did, they would sell it to the junkyard for scrap or parts. The boy’s mother had a similar thing happen to her when she was a teenager, but it was a horse that no one wanted, that looked more like a donkey than a horse, and the man who owned her wanted someone to love her. He could have made more money sending her to a glue factory (horrible thought), but he loved her, so he sold her to a man for $200. That horse was loved and was trained by the little girl and when she was older, that horse was beautiful and worth so much more money than anyone could have thought. So the mother understood how he could love this “Ugly ducking” of a truck, because with love from this boy, it could one day be beautiful!

The mother was fortunate to find a really amazing mechanic, who offered to show the boy how to fix his own truck, just so it would run. The boy isn’t worried about how it looks, he just wants it to run, he wants to sit behind the wheel of his dream truck and smile and know that it’s all his and that he loves it…just as it is.

This is a photo of my son Anderson and his truck…this is his story 🙂


Darling Sweet Stella…

I had the pleasure to meet a beautiful little girl named “Stella” and I think her name fit her beautifully 🙂 Her Mommy was so proud of her, she was well-behaved & her personality came out in every photo. This was my 1st real baby session! I was really excited when I started to see the photos in the back of the camera…I couldn’t wait to put them on my monitor & then show them to Stella’s Mommy! I also took some photos of Stella & her Mommy, some intimate photos of them looking at other, cuddled on the bed. What a special moment I was able to capture. Her Mommy loved them as much as I did, because she wants ALL the proofs that I showed her & then quite a few bigger prints & maybe even a canvas for the wall. I’m so excited to see where this is all leading to. Baby photographer…Yes, I do think so 🙂

I can’t wait until my next baby session! Who knew it would be this much fun 🙂

Corinne Noel †

Saturday Fun with the Sullivans

On Saturday I had a blast photographing the Sullivan family doing what they do best…having fun. Daddy Sullivan was off at work & then to church to preach that night, but the rest of the family kept me busy. They also had a special guest over who made for even more fun with someone new in the festivities.

I think I had just as much fun as they did and I can’t remember the last time I was pulled around the house on a blanket! The youngest is going to be quite the football star when he gets older…reminder to self, get autographed photos now 😉 The princess of the family swings a mean light saber, she definitely has “the force” with her, but also loves her Barbies & just being a girl. The oldest brother LOVES his mud pile where his imagination runs wild, building forts, tunnels & traps for the enemy. All in all, it was a great day 🙂 I don’t know how Mommy Sullivan keeps up with all of those kids, but she has just as much energy as they do! It must be the pineapple cake…need more to test to see if it’s true 😉

Corinne Noel †

**If you want to see more of this awesome family check out the rest of this session at:

So…you’re graduating this year…really!

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Well, it’s that time of the year folks, when all of our 17 & 18 years olds are getting ready to have their senior photos done. Being a photographer, this is a great time of the year for me, for the kids, they love it, because they get to express themselves the way they want to. The parents on the other hand are having a rough time to put it lightly. Moms all over the country are coming close to the day where they have to let their little guys and girls, which are almost adults, off the apron strings, out into the big bad world to fend for themselves. Well that and they are faced with the cost of Senior Photos, Graduation parties, graduation gifts and the most expensive of them all…college.

Now that we have placed all the cards on the table, let talk about the least expensive of the four and the most fun, in my personal opinion 🙂 Senior Photos!!! Okay, senior photos do not mean for the elderly, they are for graduating 12th graders to put in their yearbooks and parents to hang on their walls. Senior photos have changed A LOT in the last 10-15 years, really! Gone are the days of the dreaded black drape and tux that schools required everyone to be photographed in. Today seniors are sporting all of their favorite clothes, sitting on a vintage mustang, riding their horses, jamming on a guitar or just showing off their style. These photo sessions are no longer 2 minutes in a chair, turn to the left, okay to the right, face forward, okay now you’re done. Todays seniors have full-blown fashion photo sessions with lights, music to get them in the groove, don’t forget the props, 4 to 7 outfits with matching shoes and several locations. Yes, things have really changed.

Gone is the day where you order prints in a small package like regular school photos. Gone is the day when your friends will only see your photo in the year book or the 8 x 10 your Mom framed on the mantle. Today’s teens are having business cards with their photos on them with all their contact information on it, so their friends will always know how to get in touch after graduation. The kids and parents get 12×12 photo table books made of their favorite photos, to show everyone. The parents are putting 30×40 & 40×60 canvases or metallic prints on their walls. Things have really changed!

So, remember to find someone who will allow your senior son or daughter to express themselves and be prepared for this to be a very special time for them. This is their time to show the world who they really are. I’m really excited for this senior picture season, I hope that you are too…oh and Moms, I’ll be right where you are in about 3 years. I’ll need advice, a shoulder to cry on and lots of scholarships 😉

If you need senior portraits or any portraits, give me a call, I would love to capture your style 🙂

Corinne Noel 941.266.3972

Georgia on my mind…

Yesterday I had the pleasure to photograph some pretty awesome little friends! There is a local pet rescue in Sarasota called “Gimme Shelter” it’s run by some amazingly selfless people who open their homes to these little sweeties until they are adopted. I was looking for a friend for our pug Winston, so I visited their website & thought that maybe they could  use some help showing the REAL personalities of these furry characters. I spoke with Michelle on the phone, she was grateful for the offer. Little did I know she was doing more for me than I could ever do for her.

I was greeted by Derek and a couple of his pals at the door and then they introduced me to the whole gang. I had such a great time and I feel in love with one little girl there…Georgia. Georgia sweetie, you stole my heart, just wish I had a bigger home. Maybe the bigger home with a fenced in backyard fairy will come tonight and I’ll be over in the morning to bring you HOME 🙂

I went there to help and they helped me to see how there are such wonderful pets waiting for a home, waiting to become part of a family. Stop breeding more animals, stop paying breeders for fullbred animals that push other animals to the point of being put down. I feel bad that we bought a pug! I won’t buy another animal, only adoptions for me…’cause I ‘ve got Georgia on my mind!

In the Dungeon…

Helping a friend out with his new gym, said I would take some photos, thought it would be easy. Well, new things are not always easy. He calls it “The Dungeon” I thought it was just a name for a place of torture. Not completely the case here. It’s VERY dark! I was taking action photos in the dark! I have lenses for weddings that do great in low light…but for NO LIGHT! So, I didn’t do as well as I had hoped. Here is a photo from the shoot, it’s a little artsy, but that’s just me. Why put it in a book or a little frame and call it a photo when you could make it big, hang it on the wall and call it ART!!!