Do I really know who is staring back at me…

Today I caught the end of a movie called ” Mona Lisa Smile” it’s a great movie &  I was thinking “Thank Goodness we are not stuck in that time!” It made me happy to think that we have come so much further than that as women, that we aren’t just preparing ourselves to be married…leaving all dreams & accomplishments behind like they did in the 50s. Then, I thought about a part in the movie that really hit something deep inside. They are showing a photo in a book of the Mona Lisa and saying that her smile was just for the surface & that inside she really was something truly different. They were realizing that even after all those years, they were still hiding behind smiles, when they were falling apart inside.

I realize that although we have come so far with women’s rights & also as a civilization, but we still are not honest enough with ourselves to own our feelings, our thoughts…our mistakes.  What is so wrong with being honest, being humble, being vulnerable? If you’re sad, be sad! If you’re scared, it’s okay to be that too! If your business is tanking or your marriage is less than perfect, why pretend?!  This happens in the Photography business everyday & it spreads like poison! People lie about their bookings, lie about how “GREAT” they are doing and how much money they make. They lie about what they know & don’t…bottom line…nobody wins! I know, because I fell into the “fake it until you make it” line of business.

I’d like to start a new trend “Being real is hard, but it’s not impossible!” How about I’ve been full-time for a year & I haven’t made enough money this year to pay for my business expenses. I have had more opportunities in front of me that I have failed to take advantage of & I had it within my ability to do more…I just didn’t!

Bottom line…I want to look into the mirror & really know that person staring back at me, I want the outside to match the inside! I want to be real…don’t you want to be too!

Corinne Noel †


2 thoughts on “Do I really know who is staring back at me…

  1. Love the post and photo! While I can’t do anything about what others do, I try to live my life in ways so that I can wake up and being able to look in the mirror without regrets and guilt… though sometimes it seems easier said than done. But I try nonetheless… honesty is still the best policy.

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