When you’re feeling down…

There seems to be a lot of devastation in the world today, there is a lot that can make you feel sad or depressed. There are the people suffering in Japan from the Earthquake & Tsunamis, locally it’s the passing of too many teens in a very short time. It almost feels like there is a cloud of doom over us all with no way out of this gloom 😦 If you are feeling really sad, maybe you’re depressed? Depression isn’t a bad word & more people in this world are depressed and need help, but never seek it out. Depression is just one more way your body can be off my one tiny drop of this or too much of another chemical. They have lots of ways to help, if you are thinking you might need help, go for it 🙂 You’ll feel better that you made the first step.

If you’re just sad, then maybe talking to someone about it, might just make you feel better. It seems like you don’t want to burden anyone with your problems, but God has a funny way of putting someone in your path that has had the same experience and they made it through, so they know how to cope with what you’re dealing with.

Praying works for me 🙂 It never fails when I am humbled to the point of breaking, I cry out and I pray & then the peace of God makes everything bearable and very clear. Try it…but if you’re not into praying, then asking someone to pray for you is not too much to ask anyone who does pray…try us, we would love to pray for you 🙂

When you’re feeling down, don’t let the feeling consume you. When you’re sad run from it! Rent a funny      movie or call a friend that keeps you in stitches. Do you have a song that whenever you hear it, it always makes you smile? Can you think of a time in your life, maybe the happiest time ever, the most funnest 😉 place ever? If there is a place like that or a memory, go with it, remember it, close your eyes and try to remember the smells from that day, was the sun hot on your skin, were your fingers sticky from cotton candy? Try to remember as much as you can about the moment, were you wearing those green shorts your Aunt Gail bought you for your birthday, was it raining, did your parents make you wear a big sombrero so you wouldn’t get lost…did you get lost anyway;)  When you’re feeling down, go to your “happy place” go back to that memory & let them change your mood, let them change your outlook on your day, your month, your life or maybe even like Peter Pan, maybe your thinking of happy thoughts will make you fly 😉

Corinne Noel †


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