Keep your eye on the ball!

Today’s big number is “3” which means only 3 more days until I leave for what is the Biggest Professional Wedding & Portrait Photographers Conference in the world. Yes, I’m going to WPPI in Vegas this year (she says proudly with her chest puffed & grinning from ear to ear!) Okay, there are maybe 16,000 other people going too, but “I” get to go this year!

I have been watching advertisements for this conference in all of my favorite magazines (Rangefinder) and I would dream of going, learning from the best, rubbing elbows with the masters hoping a bit of them would rub off on me. Well, with lots of prayers, cleverly placed hints for my AMAZING husband (thank you Bret) God has finally made my dream come true! I’ve had help in so many areas from gifts of Delta SkyMiles (thanks Craig) to my personal style guru (thanks Bethie) my hairstylist to the stars (thanks Wendy) and the support of friends and my loving family. I could never have done this without help. I know this is starting to sound like a Grammy speech (minus the egg & protruding spike in my shoulder) but when you finally know what you were placed on this earth for, you will not be able to do anything well, if you go it alone.

“Keep your eye on the ball” is a reminder that if you can see what you want, never take your eye off of it, not even for a second. Ignore the criticisms that you aren’t good enough, that you’ll never be great…even if you’re the one saying it! We are always our biggest enemy! So don’t listen to yourself or anyone telling you that you can’t reach your dream 🙂 Find someone or some supportive people who have the same dream. Maybe they have already reached that dream, or maybe they need your help to get there too. Give your heart to others to help them live their dreams too. If everyone helped everyone else…we would ALL make it to our dreams!

I don’t know what will happen in Vegas this year, but I know that I will come back changed, for the better. Thank you to a wonderful Professional Photography Community, no…family, that has opened their arms & hearts to a girl from Sarasota, Florida who is just trying to find my way in this business.

Thank you Dane, Becker, Jasmine and so many others that are so selfless to share their gift & their love of this passionate Art that we all love so much. I’ve grown so much over the last year, I wish I would have found all of you sooner, but am grateful that I finally did 🙂

If you have a dream, go for it! Keep your eye on the ball, swing  for the fences & who knows you might  just  reach the stars!


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