WPPI…What will you think of me?

As I sit in my studio for hour upon hour, looking through all and I mean all of my photos… I wonder how they have been received. I’m getting my portfolio together for WPPI University in 3 weeks and I’m trying to bring my best stuff. I will hand over my work, my passion…my heart and they will be brutally honest. Yes, I’m paying them to do this & really to  be critiqued by some of the best in the world, is such a great honor. People pays thousands or dream for something like this to happen & it’s coming true for me. Not only do they look through my portfolio, they look at my business structure, my business card, my website,etc. They want to help me be better, for myself and my clients. I’m very excited. This is my first year as a Full-Time photographer and I want it to be awesome!

On the other side, I’m scared to death…afraid for them to tell me to go back home &  find another line of work, sling burgers or sweep streets, both which pay more than a photographer starting out I might add 😉 I have never claimed to be the best and thanks to Flickr, Facebook & Craigslist…I know that I’m not the worst, Praise God for that!!  However the sea of mediocrity is a place I no longer care to swim… the water is luke warm, it’s overcast &  the view sucks!  So, to be better, to be on the beach with the best, you have to put yourself out there and let them tear you apart and know that what is left, is worthy of building on. I know it sounds brutal, but if you are in the photography business, you know what I’m talking about. It’s very difficult to figure out what is right sometimes. There are rules you must follow, rule of thirds, rules of composition, BUT!!! if you are a master, you break the rules and sometimes create a photo that looks like what  a 4-year-old would take & it’s received as brilliant!

I do have a few AWESOME assets, I’m contagiously funny, quick-witted, brilliant minded & people are compelled to tell me their life story upon first meeting & then allow me to give them advice with no proper schooling:)  I also ♥ people! I ♥ photography and how I can capture a moment like it’s held in a snow globe forever 🙂 I can freeze a moment of vulnerability, compassion or love and keep it , to remind me of something rarely seen.

I don’t know what WPPI will think of me, I guess I don’t really care, everyone wants to be accepted, but at what cost? I’m a unique masterpiece which God fashioned with His own hands and I’m who and where I’m supposed to be 🙂 I’m going to learn, I’m going to meet new friends, I’m going to laugh, probably cry a bit and most of all, I’m going to have fun doing it. Watch out Vegas, watch out WPPI , here I come…we’re going to be GREAT friends 🙂


2 thoughts on “WPPI…What will you think of me?

  1. One thing to remember, and granted this is coming from someone who has never had a portfolio review because I’m too chicken, is that you have to separate yourself from your work. You ask in the title of this post “what will you think of me?” and then talk about having your portfolio reviewed and what happens if you’re told your work is no good. Let’s break that down into two parts.

    What will they think of YOU? Most people are going to think you’re wonderful and funny. I’ve only known you for a few months, and that only online, but even from the start I felt that you were someone who I’d like to hang out with. There will always be some people who just don’t get you, unless you have a job interview with them don’t worry about what they think.

    Now a portfolio review is about what they will think of your WORK, not you personally. Almost everyone I have ever talked to about having a portfolio review has said they got much more out of the negative comments than the positive ones. We all have room for growth and improvement in our work, if we didn’t we would be rich and successful. What is important is to listen to the criticism, learn from it and improve.

    Just remember that you are not your work.

    But it is always possible that they will like both you and your work.

    1. Thanks Patrick 🙂 They had better like me! Anyway, I know that I have a long way to go, but I’m ready for them to critique me. I live in a town, where people I have asked to mentor me either live too far away or are too busy to respond back. So, I’m really out here all alone & if someone can give some advice that may hurt for a moment…I’m ready to lick my wounds and move on & up. I’m learning everyday & I AM getting better 🙂 I’m self taught, NEVER took a photography class & I’m done with being mediocre! I want to be brilliant with my work. I want the love that I have for people, for things, for beauty and this amazing gift of photography to show in my work…that’s all 😉

      Thanks again Patrick, you’ve been wonderful! thank you for all of the advice and help you’ve given…it’s been priceless 🙂


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