Throwing caution to the wind

Most of my life, I have lived by the book, meaning the book of rules. I’ve always feared the consequences of breaking the rules, all for about 2 of my teenage years and that’s a different post 😉  I may stretch the rules, by driving 5 miles over the speed limit…okay maybe 10 over, but really, I’m  pretty much a law-abiding citizen. The only rules I’m guilty of breaking are fashion rules, but really, I’m working on it. I didn’t get the fashion gene, but it can be taught I’m told (fingers crossed!) I really don’t get the whole pattern or plaid thing, I work with solids, everything goes with black pants or jeans 🙂

This year I’ve decided to really make some changes. Now I know many people made decisions to make big changes a few days ago and have already failed…hello…it’s only the 5th of January 😉 I say, start again and keep starting again until it’s a habit, so you never really fail, you’re just taking small breaks 🙂 Okay, enough of my need to help others, which is just the way I’m made, I guess… it could be worse.


I’ve started working out every morning, but I’m not doing boring, fall asleep work outs that you find at most gyms or on a DVD. I’m dancin’ my little heart out with Dance Central on Xbox 360 Kinect (Plug.) I’m doing old hip hop moves from my past with some crazy new moves I’ve never seen.  Bottom line…I’m having FUN!!! That’s how you keep your goals going, you need to make them fun. Just because I’m a grown up, doesn’t mean that I can’t have fun and I think that’s what EVERYONE needs. Fun doesn’t mean TROUBLE, it means letting go, throwing caution to the wind, not caring what others think, being silly and being vulnerable.

I’m throwing caution to the wind, I’m going to dance to the beat of my own drum and if you like my beat, you can dance along…if you don’t, no worries, there are others you can be with that make you COMFORTABLE. I’m not about being comfortable anymore 🙂 I want to be stretched, moved, used and spent to the fill of what I have to give. I’m putting myself out there and if you like what I have to share or give, let me know. If you don’t like it, that’s fine too, I don’t need to make anyone happy for me to be happy 🙂

So here is a photo of my new puppy Ginger. It’s a little spunky for a puppy of her age and totally not what I would normally do, but what I’ve been doing, isn’t workin’ . “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always gotten!” I want something different..don’t you 🙂


One thought on “Throwing caution to the wind

  1. I love the photo and the blog! You have a rare talent, with words and the camera lens! I can’t even get my dog to listen, never mind sit for a photo! ( maybe that’s why we don’t have any of her!)

    It’s a beautiful photo, it should be put on canvas and hung on the wall!

    Dance away!

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