Everybody wants 15 minutes of fame…


Everybody wants“15 minutes of Fame“…so I’m going to give it away FREE to 15 fame-worthy people!


The first 15 students to respond to this post will receive a FREE Mini Session (a $50 value) at no cost! The mini-session takes place where you feel famous, wearing what makes you FEEL famous. Show your family & friends who you really are! Are you a rock star, an athlete, a bookworm, a flower child or a princess?

Oh and don’t forget to bring things that show your style & passion, you know…PROPS! Wear something fun, layered, colorful & totally YOU!! Bring your favorite music and you can rock out during your photo shoot!


You will receive:  A Photo Mini Session,  A Photo for your Facebook Profile &  A website to show off all your photos to friends & family. BONUS: A video short for Facebook


If you like some of the photos, you can buy them… if you don’t,  you don’t have to buy anything! I’m updating my portfolio for the New Year, so you get to be famous and have fun, plus it’s FREE!!!


If you just want to strut your stuff in front of the camera for fun…this is your opportunity. Dreamed of being a model or just want to pretend to be one…this is your chance.


What are you waiting for? Call today, before your 15 minutes is over!


Corinne Noel Photography




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