Listening to Trees (Part 2)

I have a special place in my heart for trees, I have unconditional love for them. Trees go unnoticed most of the time, by most people and I’ll admit most of the time by me 🙂 However, there are times when I pass a tree that I feel its screaming out to be noticed and those are the ones I love!

Trees in the Summer are pretty and green, some with flowers and the trees look full of life. Trees in the winter are stripped of their beauty and most people think they are ugly without their leaves. I sometimes think that trees resemble people who are experiencing trials in their lives. People refer to stages in life to the seasons, by saying that people are young in the Spring of their lives and older in the Winter. My thought is that in the Summer, when you look at a tree, its full of leaves, putting on a show, everything looks beautiful on the outside. The wind blows, the branches sway, flowers bloom, it’s a rather beautiful sight to see. The tree looks almost playful and cheerful, it’s not lonely, it has animals running through its branches & birds singing melodies of springtime love. Everything looks great on the surface, but really…what lies beneath the leaves.

As the Fall approaches and the weather chills, that beautiful tree starts to lose its leaves, it’s beauty and the leaves gather on the ground in a pile of what use to be. Time is revealing what once was hidden behind the leaves and flowers. The tree can’t stop the leaves from falling, her branches sway to reach for the falling leaves that are no longer joyful & green, but a lifeless brown. The wind is blowing away the cover of truth one leaf at a time and as the animals seek shelter for the coming season, the tree feels more alone.

Winter has come and the trees stand alone. The trees look almost like ladies with their arms raised to the sky, fingers spread, naked, revealing the truth of who they really are, pure, honest & beautiful trees. Winter walks in with all of  her diamonds & snowflakes and walks to the trees standing bare before all to see and she dresses them with sparkling icicles & lays pillows of snow at their feet. There stands the Winter trees, looking more beautiful with just a touch of glitter, but clothed in honesty and humility.


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