Take time to smell the roses!

The reason for this post started out as an excuse to play with my new 100mm macro lens 🙂 I love how close I can get to see the real details on things and how the rest of the background is just a beautiful fluffy, blurry mess! Anyway, I have roses in my front yard and I saw one of my peach Tea roses was in perfect bloom when I took Anderson to school at 5:30 this morning. After running both kids to schools, making sandwiches and breakfast, I quickly ran to  my camera bag to snap a few photos of my rose before anything else came up. I took a few quick photos and then one of my sisters called, she wanted to stop by and borrow a camera for the day. My family doesn’t just “stop by” anywhere! I think I might be the biggest talker in my family, but we all were given the gift of the gab from my grandmother Elsa. Beth showed up at the house, we talked & talked, she cut Winston’s toenails for me, (thanks again Bethie) we talked some more, I gave her a book “power of a praying woman” and we talked some more. Well, 2 1/2 hours later, she was finished stopping by 😉  I realized that it was almost noon and Bret would be home for lunch & I have done nothing!

Okay, if I honestly look at my day, it was full 🙂 I was able to care for my family and make them feel special & to let them know how much I love them. I sat and had a really great talk with my sister 🙂 I loved that! I’m sitting here writing my blog and I have this photo of this amazing rose and the best part of all, I can’t even share with you. This rose is the sweetest smelling rose, when you smell it you immediately think of women from the 20’s wearing lace petticoats, laced up boots and girdles. It’s that fragrant and the scent is just beautiful! Thank you God for reminding me that life is in the small things. Life isn’t in how clean your house is, if you checked everything off your to-do list or if you have the biggest house on your block. Life is about taking time to listen to people, noticing a flower in bloom, staying in bed a little longer to cuddle, tickling little toes, tents in the living room, dirty faces and a bug collection 🙂 In short…take time to STOP and smell the roses…they are simply magical and beautiful 🙂


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