Everything I ever needed to know I learned in the Army

In honor of Veteran’s Day tomorrow I thought I would blog about my time in the Army. Since I will be marching in the Veteran’s Day parade locally with my family, I won’t be on my computer tomorrow 🙂

About 5 years ago, I felt the need to take my boys and march in the Veteran’s Day Parade that they have downtown every year. It was on a Saturday morning, the kids were off of school, we made a day of it and I felt all warm inside marching down the road with people waving & thanking me for my service. The next year we went again, it was on a Sunday. The following year, I was shocked to see that kids no longer had Veteran’s Day off and I was having to take them out of school to celebrate it. We have marched every year since then and  it’s really important to all of us, I just wish it was more important to more people.  I don’t understand why it’s more  important to remember one man or one event when you could celebrate and show support for something that truly needs our love & time! Okay, enough, I’ll get off my soapbox, for now. Here is a short list of things that I learned while in the Army.


If you sign your name on the line, you had better be ready to deliver. This is for real, they are not playing games, this is not summer camp, it’s boot camp.

If you try to do things on your own, you WILL NOT make it, anywhere! If you try, they will drag you right back!

Being a part of a team is one of the most valuable lessons you can ever learn, ohh that and how to dig a cat hole!

Do not sleep in your uniform to keep warm, when sleeping out in the field, you will sweat & then freeze your butt off.

Following directions is very important as in, keep your head down, don’t point the weapon at ANYONE & my favorite…Don’t cry to me, I’m not your Momma!

Keeping your boots shined helps in seeing the enemy in the reflection or to be used as a look out for keeping out of trouble.

Give thanks where thanks is due, as in “Don’t thank me…thank your Recruiter!”

There is nothing better than a nice hot shower, nothing worse than sharing it with 150 other people.

The color green does in fact look good on everyone and everything, like your truck, your underwear, socks, blanket & canteen.

Drink lots of water everyday, because if you don’t you will wish you that you did, just trust me on this one.

The human bladder can hold a full load to the point or crying, dancing wiggling & pain, but not if you sneeze!

Last but not least, serving your country will give you the most pride, discipline, respect & real friends that you will never find anywhere else!

Happy Veteran’s Day to all my fellow servicemen & servicewomen! To all my Army peeps~I love you guys, you’re the best…HOOAH!!


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