Memories of Halloweens past

It’s that time of the year when all the little girls & boys dress up in their favorite princess costume or scariest Dracula cape and head out for candy. Times sure have changed since I was little, it’s just not safe out there anymore. I don’t understand what happened. I think it’s a shame that the hospital has an x-ray machine available to check candy for razor blades and other foreign objects. Kids are told to walk the mall and go from store to store for their candy fill. I think that has got  to be the most boring thing I’ve ever done! Today they head to the party store and pick up a costume without using a shred of imagination or creativity. It wasn’t like that when I was little.

When I was little we would gather things from around the house to make a costume. Sometimes we borrowed things from neighbors, like the time I was dressed as a baby complete with binky & baby bottle when I was 10 years old. My sisters and I would fight over the biggest pillow cases in the house and we would set out to fill it completely. Many years we would start as soon as school was out and not finish until 9:00 PM. We would dump out our candy on the floor and do the candy swap, count up the change from older people who didn’t have candy & we would throw away the gross stuff. Then we would stay up late and watch Dr. Paul Bearer and his scary movies as late as we could.  Our biggest worry was if someone ran out of candy, if it got too late before we had cased the neighborhood or if someone egged or toilet papered your house.

I remember my parents always dressed up as really funny stuff, like a pregnant witch or nun and usually that was my Dad 😉 My Dad would love to make our scary costumes as real as possible. I remember the year my Dad wrapped my sister Beth in real gauze from head to toe to be a mummy. She looked amazing, but I’m not sure how she went to the bathroom that year. We would go to the mall and they had the best haunted house there.

Now a days you have to worry where you are taking your kids. Every year now, we go to a really big development down in Osprey, where hundreds of kids roam the streets. Almost every house is decorated, parents are with their kids, the teens walk around on their own and they have haunted houses at some houses. This is the closest to how things were for me, but the sad part is, it’s not even our neighborhood, we have to go somewhere else to be safe. I’m grateful for the neighborhoods that still do it up big and make it fun for everyone. I’m grateful for many of the local churches that have Harvest Festivals! I’m grateful for this time of year 🙂

This is the start of the holiday season: cooler weather, warm sweaters, pumpkin pie, peppermint mocha, fuzzy pink socks, the smell of pine, football bowl games, cranberry sauce, parades, lights and people being kind to one another. I love this time of the year 🙂


One thought on “Memories of Halloweens past

  1. I remember you and I roller skating around place seville while trick or treating and then we had to stomp up the stairs of the apts to knock on their doors:) I forgot all about Paul Bearer!!! I remember those. Good memory Corinnne:)

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