Serious Denial!!!

I’m rather hyped up on coffee this morning, didn’t sleep well last night. No visions of sugar plums in my head…I could only wish! It all started a week ago when my cat Gracie started acting strange. Usually my fur covered princess sleeps all day, she is big on beauty sleep, she’s proof that it works! Anyway, so she’s been staring at the hole in our wall for a solid week. We have a fireplace and we usually get lizards in it, Gracie swats at the glass doors trying to catch them. Well, to the side of the wall where the stones from the fireplace meet the wall, there is about a 1 inch crack there. I had never noticed it before, but then again how often am I looking there, really. I looked at the hole closely and noticed there was a bunch of her hair around it, she continues to rub against it from time to time, nothing looks odd. I forget about the hole, for now.

Yesterday morning when I came home from dropping off the boys, I walked in the house and thought, geez I need to take the trash out, because it smells like trash in here. About an hour later my sister came over and the first thing she said when she walked in was “ohh dog smell, I love that smell!” First you must know, my house has NEVER smelled like a dog! I was a little offended, said it was the garbage, mentally kicked myself for not remembering to take it out and she stayed for a couple of hours. The whole time she was here, the cat was sitting at the hole, meowing. I didn’t think anything of it.

I worked in the studio editing some photos and then I left to pick up the boys and when I walked in the door, you could hear the cat meowing. The dog looked scared to death, but that’s normal for him, he’s a pug 😉 The boys ran into where the cat was and I walked back to my bedroom. The kids started yelling for me to come quick. I ran into the living room and the entire family was bent over that hole, like they were watching the miners being recused from a mine. Bronson said ” Remember I told you I saw a hairy looking wormy thing?” Okay he did tell me that, but this kid really has an imagination, I thought it was a lizard that walked through cat hair 🙂 Anyway, I look in the hole and this was staring back at me:

I screamed and the boys smiled, the cat meowed…Winston our pug never left the couch and his eyes were bigger than normal! After I came back to my senses, I had to get my camera, my new 100mm macro lens was very helpful and I took several photos. You never know when you might need them 😉  I turned the camera around to look at the screen  and there was this photo. I said “ohhh it’s so cute, it almost looks like a bunny!” Bronson my younger son said, “MOM!!! It’s not a bunny, it’s a rat!” I got very defensive and said,”No, it’s a mouse!”

After calling one of our friends who was in pest control for years, he told me there really are no mice in Florida. Suddenly, I was freaking out. I called my husband and I begged him to come home to protect his princess 😦 He giggled and said he was busy working, which was paying for the now “rat infested” castle we are living in. My older son taped up the hole in the wall and we called someone who said they would come in the morning to take care  of the rats. Oh, I forgot to tell you, when we were watching the hole, the rat, moved and then there were several in there 😦

So, I’m no longer in denial! I’m freaking out… but, grateful for my cat & how brave my kids are to put the duct tape over the hole and the calmness of my husband through this whole mess. I was taking Bronson to school this morning and he had this big smile on his face, then he said ” Mom! I can’t believe you thought we had bunnies in the wall!”  I said that it was more comforting to think that we had sweet fluffy little bunnies in the wall, than to have hairy dirty rats! He asked me how I thought “bunnies” would have crawled into the wall next to the fireplace? I said that maybe the Easter Bunny left them here or they came with Santa down the chimney last Christmas 😉 I understand why denial works only for a little while, because the world is full of 10 year olds who are REALLY honest !

And to clear some things up…Florida is covered with rats! Everyone has rats crawling around on top of and outside of your houses every night! I was just fortunate to  have some get inside…lucky me! Also, if you get rats, it has NOTHING to do with if your house is the cleanest on the block, if they find a way in, expect to have furry guests!

Maybe I should buy a snake…just kidding 🙂


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