If LOVE was a condiment…it would be Nutella!

If love was a condiment…it would be Nutella. Okay, you may think of a condiment as ketchup, mayo or mustard, Heinz-57 or barbeque sauce. These are all good condiments, but have you tried Nutella? First of all, I must explain I don’t even like hazelnuts! I would eat dirt before eating anything hazelnut flavored! So, the ironic thing is really, that Nutella is a “Hazelnut Spread!” I know, it’s crazy…but it tastes like chocolate 🙂 That’s why I love it so darn much, oh and for some crazy reason it has amazing nutritional benefits. It says so on the side of the jar and that’s good enough for me 🙂 It’s part of a balanced nutritional breakfast…I know! That’s why is the BEST of all the condiments, it should have its own food group!

 Now the reason I call it a condiment, is that it’s really good on anything, just like chocolate. But it’s better than chocolate, because it comes in a jar that you keep in the pantry after being opened and it comes out smooth like butter 🙂 Oh yes, it’s spreadable! You can put it on toast, add it to ice cream like fudge, slather it on a banana. Do you hate melting chocolate??? Don’t bother! Nutella is all you need and maybe some cinnamon graham crackers to put it on. It’s like cold fondue! If you haven’t tried Nutella, do yourself a favor, go and try it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you, it’s HIGHLY addictive and they don’t stock much on the shelves in the supermarket 🙂


2 thoughts on “If LOVE was a condiment…it would be Nutella!

  1. Oh no! You reminded me how much I love this stuff, I haven’t had it since I went off to college last year, but I think I am going to have to remedy that today, store run before Ask Dane!

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