Yellow flowers are happy flowers

I went to the store today to get some things that I needed for the week and I walked past the fresh-cut flowers. I saw all the beautiful roses and daisies and other pretty flowers that I can never pronounce their names. As I was walking by, strangely I heard a sound. Actually it was a small giggle, you know like the way little girls giggle. This was that little girl giggle and that no matter how hard you try not to, you giggle too. I looked around and didn’t see anyone there and definitely didn’t see a child, so I walked past. I went down a few aisles and decided to go past the flower section again. I heard the giggle again, but then a stern “shhhhh!” and then…not a sound. I looked around, but there was still no one there. Well, I was sure that the store security was having a real hoot watching this woman who was hearing things near the flowers. I was hoping that I was the next contestant on a “Hidden Camera” tv show and not that I was losing my mind.

I decided to play this off like I was doing something else, I pretended to look at something on my iPhone and then I heard the giggle, followed by a bunch of little giggles. Okay, there was not a soul near me and the only place that the sound could have been coming from was the flowers. The flower case had about 10 rows of different flowers, so I started to feel in between the buckets that held the bouquets, thinking I would find something like a baby toy or a tape recorder to explain where the sounds were coming from. I was checking beside one of the buckets which held bright yellow mums and I brushed my arm against one of the petals and it giggled. Okay, yes I said the flower giggled. So…right about then, I took 3 steps backward, cocked my head to the right and walked back to the mums and they all let out a big giggle! The roses started trying to hush them, because roses being all prim & proper, they just don’t giggle. However the bright yellow mums giggle and the daisies when they started, I could barely keep it together.

After they had all quieted down, the produce guy walked over and gave me a strange look. I said “it’s my ringtone on my iPhone…” he said “ahhhhh, that explains it!” He walked away shaking his head and I tried to hide my grin, but the daisies started giggling again. I didn’t know what to do at that point, so…I decided to bring the giggling mums home with me. I knew that they would love my office, it has a nice window, lots of sun and they can giggle… I don’t mind, really. They make me happy when I look at them and I’m grateful for the lesson they taught me. I’ve always been told to stop and smell the roses, but I never knew to stop to hear the daisies giggle 🙂


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