Listening to trees (Part 1)

I guess the first time that I realized my love for trees was the year my sister Kimber married her wonderful husband Jack. Their wedding was at their family ranch in the hill country of Texas. Let’s be real here, I’m from flat Florida, these seemed more like mountains to me, but who am I to judge. Imagine if you can this most magical place, the place that I call my special place. The ranch is 19,000 acres of such beautiful land, with fresh water springs, animals that roam around freely and I believe God personally smiles down upon this special place as one of his favorites too. The main ranch house sits high on a cliff and below is a fresh spring fed lake. The lake feeds the fresh watercress that grows like ivy up the cliff. Really it’s just breathtaking.

Sitting beside the lake is the biggest most beautiful tree, it seems almost as tall as the cliff. It reminds me of a wise old man, full of knowledge, full of the memories he has seen, Jack’s family growing up, swimming in the lake, lying beneath it for shade on a hot summer day.

Under that tree, I learned about the real power of God, His amazing love and faithfulness and His ability to make dreams & prayers come true. Under that tree Jack promised my sister Kimber, that he would love her forever, through thick & thin, for better or worse, as God as their witness. God was there that day, I felt His love, I saw His beauty, that’s why I’m sure it’s His favorite place too, because I’ve never felt so close to Him as I did that day.

God heard their promises and their prayers for a family. God hear my prayers for a wonderful husband of my own, one who would give my boys all the love that they longed for and deserved.

Today I see this tree and I smile, I see how full the branches are and I think it represents all the memories and love that it holds for us. It knows that God brought my husband almost 3 years ago, my family has never been more complete, my boys never more happy. The tree knows that God brought a long-awaited miracle named Jackson to Kimber and Jack this year. I can’t imagine how many wishes & prayers were made under that tree, but I know that God loves that tree. Maybe if you sit under that grand tree one day, down beside the lake and you whisper a prayer, God will  make your dreams come true. If He doesn’t, be patient, He will, God is always Faithful.


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