Our Future

I’m thinking of days gone by, smiling at some of my memories… I think about how my parents said that they lived in a more simple time. They had less sex, drugs, technology, but they had struggle, they had the Vietnam war, which many people are still living in their minds today.

My generation in the 80’s we danced around to the new thing “hip-hop” and as we grew we saw the first car phones and compact discs. My parents said I grew up in a tough time, because both parents worked in most families and kids were home alone. I thought it was a great time to grow up, but now as a parent I’m saying the same thing about my children.

In this day and age, many people resist wanting to have children, afraid of them being raised in a world like this. I see where my parents said their time was more simple. My time was more simple too. I could go outside to play for hours and I was never in fear of being taken. My children are under constant watch, even in a store. The schools are falling under the power of people wanting to remove prayer from schools and the word God from the Pledge of Allegiance. Our babies are having babies at 10 years old…really…I was still with my Barbie dolls at that age. The shows  on tv are more like adult films and sometimes I’m embarrassed when a Victoria Secret commercial comes on and my children are sitting next to me. I knew that I wanted something different  for my children, something better.

I enrolled my older son Anderson into the Sarasota Military Academy this year. This school is not for “bad kids” it’s for good kids, hard-working, well-disciplined kids, kids who want the best opportunity for their future. This school has all the discipline of the military, but it’s a public school and the parents are involved and it’s based on the golden rules. These kids are amazing. They are the hardest working kids I’ve seen, they are so focused on their future & they aren’t going to let a bunch of kids on drugs get in their way. SO, the kids asked that there be mandatory drug testing for the kids and teachers. What they are doing there works! The kids have real respect for one another, they have team work and they have become a family.

The main thought here, is that today is a much harder time to grow up. They either grow up too soon, or they end their life before they even had a chance. These children are our future. The kids at this school give me a glimmer of hope that something good can happen if we just go back to the golden rules. I pray that they can make the difference.


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