Free Fallin’ inspiration by Faith

I was checking my Facebook today and one of my friends Faith, had posted a couple of lines from Tom Petty’s song Free Fallin’. ” I’m gonna free fall, out into nothing. I’m gonna leave, this world for a while…” Something about those two verses makes me think of just floating out in the middle of nowhere with no sound, nothing to see or cause worry…everything is just still. That’s one way of being free, but then I think of freedom without boundaries, like taking risks creatively, emotionally, spiritually, physically, really with everything in your life.

I thought about what photo I would post, what represents freedom to me. Creatively I feel freedom comes from not worrying about the rules, creating with your heart, bringing your vision to life, even if it means coloring outside of the lines to be who you are. I love that type of freedom, because I can’t be wrong or not good enough, I am my own critic and the only way that I fail, is if I’m not true to myself.

I took this photo in Tallahassee, but I think it looks like somewhere up north. I made it to look more like a painting, which in a sense I did, by adding many textured layers of colors and textures. I call this one of my “fine art” pieces, I have to laugh when I say that, since I’ve never taken an art class in my life, but tell anyone…you never know, you might see it in a gallery some day 😉


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