Focusing in on your gift!

The title of my blog today is a double entendre. Let me clarify that I’m not an English scholar, however I do have a teenager in high school who is teaching me all over again what these fancy grownup words are 😉  Usually I would use something like this to be clever or funny, since I’m a photographer, you focus with a camera…oh you get the idea. Most people who really know me, think I’m funny, or they know that I think I’m funny. Today I’m coming from a different place…my serious side.

Much in the way that a beginner photographer and some amazing professional photographers make everything in the photo perfectly clear and easy to see, that is how my photography has been. There is an effect that you get with some lenses that causes blur around your image, it’s called “Bokeh” pronounced like Boca. If done correctly & I don’t mean with the presets in Photoshop, if done correctly, it is the most beautiful effect ever. The part of the image that you want to focus on, is in perfect clear focus, while the rest of the background is a creamy blanket of blurry, erasing away the rest of what might distract you from what you really want others to see.

My fabulously wonderful husband, demonstrating bokeh & his muscle beach pose!

Okay, so here comes the serious stuff. I am applying a type of bokeh to my business. I’m going to blur out some of the styles of photography and bring into focus a smaller more defined style. While the others are still there, they are part of the original photo, they just won’t be showcased right now.  Do you get me? Okay, here goes the too tired to connect the lines version. I’m going to focus only on Lifestyle Portrait Photography. In a nut shell, I will be photographing children, teens, toddlers and their families. Whether it will be in their environment as  documentary style or outside for natural lighting portraits. I want to stay true to what I love doing. I may still do a wedding every now and then, I will still help out the charities & shelters that I’ve always helped and I will continue with my fine art photography.

I really feel that God is moving me into a teens ministry using portraiture. I want to help teens find their inner beauty, worth, love, respect for self and then show it in a gallery setting where they can invite their friends and family. The teens will be able to display who they really are and not who the world wants them to be. Well, this is just a small step in that direction, but you never know who might be able to help me get closer to where I am going.

So, I would like to introduce to you…Corinne Noel Photography † Lifestyle Portrait Photography


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