The little sister

I was born the youngest of four girls, destined to always be the baby of the family. My 3 older sisters were more like mothers, technically I had four mothers. I was very fortunate! Most people would have a hard time with 3 other people not your mother, stepping into make decisions and give advice. I will admit for the first 20 years or so, I really hated it. I’ve come to really appreciate it, because most people don’t have anyone who really cares about them and what wrong road they might be going down. I have four of those beautiful people in my life 🙂

There are what seems like a colony of boy nephews in my family, everybody has like two boys each. My sister was blessed & cursed with the only little girl and she’s the baby of their family. I was the baby and I know what that means, more spoiling, less discipline, more hand-me-downs, etc.  However, I had three very loving, compassionate, sisters who knew what it was like to be a girl at my age. Miss Emily, my niece has two big brothers. I wonder what she will miss out on or possible benefit from being the only girl. Maybe she will be able to wear a princess dress, while throwing the boys a mean spiral…now THAT would be something 🙂


2 thoughts on “The little sister

  1. Hi Rinnie- I love this post! What a bad memory gone good! 🙂 Just kidding! I hope that we helped in some way or another! I know we always want the best for you and know that you always want the best for us! We really are a lucky family, to have such a great family! You are doing a wonderful job with your boys too! Congrats! They are such good boys!

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