Georgia on my mind…

Yesterday I had the pleasure to photograph some pretty awesome little friends! There is a local pet rescue in Sarasota called “Gimme Shelter” it’s run by some amazingly selfless people who open their homes to these little sweeties until they are adopted. I was looking for a friend for our pug Winston, so I visited their website & thought that maybe they could  use some help showing the REAL personalities of these furry characters. I spoke with Michelle on the phone, she was grateful for the offer. Little did I know she was doing more for me than I could ever do for her.

I was greeted by Derek and a couple of his pals at the door and then they introduced me to the whole gang. I had such a great time and I feel in love with one little girl there…Georgia. Georgia sweetie, you stole my heart, just wish I had a bigger home. Maybe the bigger home with a fenced in backyard fairy will come tonight and I’ll be over in the morning to bring you HOME 🙂

I went there to help and they helped me to see how there are such wonderful pets waiting for a home, waiting to become part of a family. Stop breeding more animals, stop paying breeders for fullbred animals that push other animals to the point of being put down. I feel bad that we bought a pug! I won’t buy another animal, only adoptions for me…’cause I ‘ve got Georgia on my mind!


2 thoughts on “Georgia on my mind…

  1. Hi, Corinne. I spoke with Beth today about the wonderful photos you took of Derek’s gang of foster dogs at Gimme Shelter Pet Adoption. You really captured their individual spirits so masterfully. (I, too, have fallen in love with Georgia. She always looks as though she smeared her mascara by rubbing her eyes too hard.) You see, I take care of them during the week & am deeply vested in their futures. I am grateful to have read your comments regarding adoption versus the purchase of dogs.

    I’m interested in your photography & would appreciate corresponding with you.



    P.S. – I LOVED the blog you wrote entitled, “Our Future.”

    1. Thanks Meg 🙂 It’s nice to know someone appreciates my heart 😉 No, really thank you for the kind words, I really enjoyed photographing “The Kids” and I was so in love when I left. What you guys do for those animals is wonderful! Beth said that you were looking for photos of yourself for your website. Tell me more 🙂

      Thanks again for the blog love 😀


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