Grace makes beauty…

There is a song by the band U2 “Grace” it’s just a beautiful song. Nichole Nordeman remade the song and with her voice…I just cry when I hear it. Since I first heard this song I have been in love with the name Grace. I want to bless a little girl with that name, however I have two boys 🙂 So…we adopted a kitty from the rescue locally and I named her Grace, her nickname is “Gracie.” Now this is the part of my post where I go off on some sort of tangent…hang in there, I do get back to my point…usually. Have you ever noticed when you name an animal a name that would portray a certain character trait that they actually turn out to be the opposite? My kitty Grace is the farthest thing from graceful, other than while she is sleeping. She is clumsy, silly & goofy, but when she is sleeping…she’s gorgeous! What do you think?

Corinne Noel †


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