If Lady Gaga was gone

My post today is not about Lady Gaga, it’s about a person worthy of all the people that follow her around.  Is Lady Gaga talented? Yes she is. Is she brilliant? Yes she is. If she wasn’t, she wouldn’t have so many followers, she wouldn’t be famous, or would she be?

My grandfather Conkling “Connie” Chedister died yesterday 5 pm, at the age of 98, taking with him some of what the world needs most. With the looks of Clark Gable, the heart of a saint, the smile of an angel and he loved like Santa Claus. Giving his love he gave away freely to everyone he met. My grandfather was an inventor, a truly brilliant man. He invented things to keep people safe, to help them better themselves and even some things to make life easier.

My grandfather was a beautifully humble man, always put others first and never wanted the spotlight, preferred to help others to have it. He never compromised his morals, he stayed true to who he was and never sold himself out for fame. No he wasn’t famous, but those who had the honor to know him, knew he was something special, worthy of remembering, worthy to be missed and worthy for the world to take notice.  So, if today the sun doesn’t shine as bright, if the flowers aren’t as fragrant, if the wind is not as playful, it’s because my grandfather left this world for one that he will be more appreciated in.

Life is not about the Lady Gagas, the Michael Jacksons, or the Tom Cruises, it’s not about the famous people who light up the big screen or make a CD that hits platinum. It’s just about people… the little people, that we tend to overlook, the people who love unconditionaly and love, big!

I love you Grandpa

Corinne Noel †


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