You never know, you might find something wonderful if you look, like a Smallen.

I’m sitting on my couch checking email & tweeting, while my boys watch tv & eat ice cream. It’s been a long week, life struggles, personal and spiritual have drained me and I look to carbs for my last injection of strength.

Reading through the Biggens on Twitter. A Biggen in my book of “Rinnisms” is a person who is VERY successful in their field. I follow mostly photography Biggens, the greats, they don’t need any more mention, they know who they are. They blog, they post photos, videos, tweet about life as a Biggen and I read about all of it.

Oh, you don’t know me, I should introduce myself. I’m Corinne Noel, a photographer from Sarasota Florida, mother of two, loving wife and yes sometimes a  photo blog stalker. I’m what you would call a “Smallen” meaning, unfounded talent, newbie, green, well you get the idea. I think it must be wonderful to speak and be heard by many; create for many eyes to see. I too have a dream to leave my mark on this world, to leave a legacy of beautiful art and love.

Now the real reason for this blog entry…is to see if I can be heard, if anyone is really out there. How does one get blog followers? I guess you can beg, tell, ask, or challenge someone to read your blog. I’m going with the challenge option. I may not be the best photographer, but I have passion. I may not have the fine writings & teachings of a famous poet, but I have a heart.

I challenge you…yes you the one reading this to follow, not because I just told you to, but because you never know, you might just find something wonderful. Welcom to my blog, I hope you enjoy your stay, come and visit often.

Blessings & Belly laughs,

Corinne Noel †


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