I challenge you to read this blog!

I challenge you to read this blog! What are you afraid of? Have you not read enough worthless posts without heart or tweets that you skim through, because they make you feel nothing?

I’m not asking for you to follow me, shoot photos like me or want to be me. I’m asking that you reach out and find other people who have something to say, something new, intelligent, something with heart that makes you think and feel. We’re out here and we want to be heard. We want the chance to help shape the world with the others that are shaping the world now.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Take a moment to read the other entries, I think they are worth reading, otherwise I wouldn’t have written them 😉  Maybe one was meant for you.

So go search into the dark corners of the Internet to find people with little or no followers, we’re out here waiting to be heard and waiting to share our hearts, our thoughts and our dreams.

Blessings & Belly Laughs,

Corinne Noel †


2 thoughts on “I challenge you to read this blog!

  1. Corinne, I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes I feel like the only people reading my blog are my parents, and a few of the close friends I have to beg to read through the thing. I put a lot of effort into the images and the content on my blog, as I am sure you do too. [It is apparent in the entries and images I see here :)] And it is nice to know that someone out there, somewhere, cares enough to read. So, Corinne, I am letting you know that I care enough to read your blog, and I am impressed. Jake

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