Finding your gift…

Since I was a little girl, I have wanted to be many different things. I wanted to help animals, sing on the big stage, act with the hunks of Days of Our Lives and save the world one patient at a time. For one reason or another, nothing really stuck. I have always done many things, I’ve been good at some, not so good at more, but I’ve always wanted to find where I belong.

I started taking pictures when my youngest son was born. I had a fascination with birds, they were so hard to focus on, but when you were fast enough, the results were beautiful. Family started to notice my photos and asked if I would shoot their family photos. Then I started doing beach portraits and I was asked to photograph my first wedding about 6 years ago, it went better than I had hoped, prayers do work!

I was a VERY part-time photographer for about 5 years after that, I did a lot of non-profit charity events, family, friends, etc. I was still working a corporate job that required 60 + hours a week and all of my heart and soul. So, I really had  very little of me to devote to my passion. I left my patients and pursued what made me happy, not what made me money. It was only this year that I have been full-time.

This past weekend, I was sitting in my studio with one of my brides, we were going over her photos and we began talking about life. Three hours later, we realized that we had only been through 20 photos, but had really learned a lot about each other. We broke through the client/photographer barrier and settled into a great friendship. As I learned all about her path that brought her into my studio, I learned so much about myself. I’m a photographer who loves people, on the inside and the outside. She thanked me for the “free” counseling session as she winked, but she was genuinely grateful. She was grateful that I took the time to listen, to share, to care and to be honest.

I’ve found my gift… honest true love of people, sharing my heart & listening to theirs. Doing my best to capture the outside beauty, so they can see what I see on the inside.


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