Being an original…

Not just in the photography world, but in all walks of life, we are told to be original. As those words echo in the back of my mind, I see a world of imitators and wannabes. I’m not judging anyone and I never said imitating was a bad thing. Child learn by imitating, my children still do and for that reason I try to be very careful about what I do.

I sit here today at my computer screaming inside, frustrated at this crossroad that I find myself at. I know that I am unique, my husband thinks sometimes too unique. I want to brand myself and wear a banner showing everyone who I really am, I read books about finding my special and unique brand. I am constantly running into people who fearfully hide their knowledge, not wanting to share it, fearing it will make them less unique. I know that in Art classes in school we are to copy the masters, but in photography, some of the ‘Masters” don’t quite want it to go down that way.

Greatness is a gift, but I think there is also a responsibility to help others be great too. No other person in this world can do something creative, just like you, because we create with our hearts and experiences. No two people have the same everything, God made sure of that 🙂

I feel like I am alone in this photography world (Sarasota), my kindred spirits thousands of miles away in California. My friends that I’ve never met, get me, funny how that works. They are honest, witty, vulnerable, humble and very talented in this place of captured moments of time that I love. Someday we will meet and will feel an immediate connection. I can’t wait for that day 🙂 Until that day, I stand alone, being me in my own quirky way, seeing what I see and how I see it. One moment of truth at a time.


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