Moving in a forward direction

With photography, as with most things, there is constant learning and with the technological side of photography it’s always changing. Where APS cameras and then digital were the big things, now it’s all about Pixels. Bigger is better…My best camera has a 10.1, now Hasselblad has a 39.0. They get bigger everyday. This is a good thing if your making a photo the size of Denmark or you crop in on the mutant atoms of a flea.

I sometimes get lost in thinking I need the latest and greatest, then a little voice (Thank you Holy Spirit) reminds me that it’s the photographer not the camera. Then of course I worry about technique and there I go running for blogs and books to extract as much knowledge as I can before my head explodes. Or, my husband yells that it’s time to put the toys away and come in for supper.

My past is littered with more information than one person can put to use, so I’m making a change to the “less is more” team. I like simple, elegant, beautiful, classic… but simple. I’m thinking of changing my company name, yet again,to just” Corinne Noel. ” It’s shorter, it’s my name, it sounds French and classy, which is what I’m trying to market.

I’ve gone from the broad terms of “Life Photographer” to wanting to do strictly wedding and portrait photography. I don’t want a studio. I feel there is so much outside, more canvas than the eye can see, why limit myself to what I can hang on my wall or pull out of a closet?

Here is a photo from Mother’s Day with my family, my nephew Alex. I can’t wait to do his Senior photos.


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