A beautiful Easter…

It’s the Tuesday after Easter and I would have to say my favorite since I was a child. There were no big gifts or mountains of candy, but more about the true meaning of Easter.

I was on Facebook for a time and many people from my past came out to befriend me. There were many unsettled things that were settled. I asked for forgiveness of my past, as I freely gave forgiveness to others that didn’t ask for it. I am a new creation in Christ Jesus, it is my duty to forgive others or I cannot receive Jesus’ forgiveness and that I cannot live without! The feeling of true freedom happened last week, a real sense of being able to move on. I can look back at some pretty terrible memories…and smile knowing it was all part of who I am today, that it has been wiped clean and together we have been freed of any burden of guilt we may have carried over the years 🙂 God is amazing!!!

Worked on the finals for a restaurant advertising campaign. 4 separate shoots and not with the best lighting. Did my best, I think some came out REALLY nice!


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