When it rains it pours…

I have been really busy these last couple of weeks. I’ve been preparing for two events in the same weekend, no recovery time at all. It worked out great, the weather did more that cooperate, it actually was accommodating. The weather was so bad at one event, that I was actually able to go to the 2nd event early and relieve any stress about being short on time. The Beast Feast is an event for outdoors men. It has hunting and fishing and the whole manly hunter vibe. What most don’t know when they first get there, is that Jesus is the reason and they will be introduced to him by a man who looks like the guy standing next to you in line at 7-Eleven buying chewing tobacco. The event is done beautifully, the people are amazing, the food is great and I get to witness many having the “Come to Jesus” moments. I’m blessed and honored.
I received the news earlier this week that my youngest son, has a rare congenital disorder where he won’t have more than 6 adult teeth in his mouth. This is bringing back thoughts of me growing up with spaces between all my teeth and not smiling with my mouth open until I was 33! Only because I had my front 6 teeth bonded. I looked somewhat normal. My sweet little man, this would kill any one’s self esteem, but after a messy divorce and some of the verbal abuse he takes from his Dad’s house, I’m afraid of the consequences.
Many other things have come before me this week, none as crippling as what is happening to my son. Have to move on and pray, pray that miracles can happen for me too.

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