enough of that day this, day that stuff!

Okay it has been a few days since I last blogged, why does this sound like a confessional? Anyway, life has been busy! My computer guy turned a 15 minute project into a 4 day project, however on the bright side…I asked for an Acura type software at a “if you can drag it you can have it price” and he gave me a Black Range Rover decked out and still at the drag it price! I’m very happy 🙂
Forwarding my new domain to my photo site and forwarding my old domain to my new one which will…you know. Working on my logo, yet again, thinking I may go with something very simple as choosing my font and then wait for the logo. Much cheaper I think…budget is calling and I can’t afford the call, ya hear me?
One of my events that I have done for 5 years now, is going to use one of my photos for their shirts this year, I’m honored 🙂

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