Day 4

Happy with my new logo, I think I have plastered it on everything I own, but my clothing…hm mm it would look great on a black shirt…heheehhehe! Spoke with a fellow photographer about selling rights to his photos to a zoo. All I can say is “Research, Research, Research” I don’t know a lot about that situation and he has no idea what he might be in for, so Google away my friend, Google away! Went to Taekwondo this morning, I’m hurtin‘ but it feels great. I really want to take some photos there of the kids, parents just love to see their kids doing great and I love taking the photos and seeing the parents faces when they look at what I saw. It’s awesome, it’s why I do what I do.
Moments pass so quickly that we can rarely capture them to memory to do them any justice, that’s why we have photographers! I love what I do 🙂
Photo for the day: From a Windsurfing regatta in Sarasota. The water is cold, the boat is rockin‘ and I’m standing up with a steady hand! Yahoo I love a challenge 🙂

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